Federal Constitution

20 September, 2019 (05:26) | News |

The Military Service consists of the exercise of specific activities played by the Armed Forces? Army, Navy and Aeronautics – and will understand, in the mobilization, all the incubencies with the National Defense. In the evolution of the nationality – our history is full of dignificantes examples – for diverse times, Brazilians had been convoked […]

Carlos Castaneda

6 November, 2018 (03:02) | News |

I In accordance with the description of the magical world as presented by Carlos Castaneda, recapitulation technique is one of the cornerstones of the transformation of man. Summarized the concepts associated with the recapitulation. All people divided into stalkers and dreamers. On this basis, for each category is a key technology that promotes the cardinal […]

Brazilian Life

2 February, 2017 (04:12) | News |

The research on the agenda-setting and newsmaking, is between the studies of bigger repercussion in Brazil, already reaching some registers, in translations, workmanships that, based in these research, they search to develop reflections regarding the comunicacionais processes in our country. In this chapter I search to appraise notice, agenda-setting and newsmaking with intention to inside […]

Robert De Niro

17 October, 2016 (18:36) | News |

With its entrance in the school Carl it is pursued by being black, apologizing the shock between the conscript black and the officer of the navy. The film speaks on the diving in carried through deep sea in the navy in the decades of 40 up to 60, where the diving was of 100 meters […]

Center Elements

15 November, 2015 (11:41) | News |

We feel the presence of this dominant form of Qi in the spring flowering of nature, feel the richness of summer, breadth and generosity of all vegetation and odors in the atmosphere. Autumn – the period of decay and downsizing. Winter – preservation and conservation of resources. Between the seasons comes a sense of wealth, […]